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Why should I get my water tested?

People who call our office are sometimes distressed to hear that they need to get a water analysis, especially if they have a well. It seems like an additional expense, and it slows down the process of getting that filter they have finally decided to install!

So why is it so important to have your water tested?

From our point of view, we want to recommend the right combination of filters for you, and no more. Also, there may be contaminants that are unexpected. Sometimes dead animals have fallen into wells and are making bacterial contamination, or MBTE has seeped into the water supply from a gas station in the area. We have seen it all in our 24 years of experience!

From your point of view, you may end up saving money because you may not need as elaborate a system as you had thought.

Even if you have city water, it’s sometimes a good idea to have a water test if you think your pipes may be old, or if there has been an incident of contamination in your municipality.

We always recommend that you go to an independent lab. Some of the water filter suppliers offer to test your water for free. Those tests may or may not be as accurate or complete as those coming from an independent EPA-certified lab. We have been sending potential customers to a lab in Leominster, Massachusetts for the past 20 years. Their work is impeccable, and we have absolutely no financial arrangement with them. They are ETR Labs and their website is


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