Crystal Pure Water

Everything about our most valuable resource, water, and how to keep it clean

Hello world!

In 1980 a teacher said to me, “In ten years every family in America will have to take responsibility for the quality of their own water supply.” Shocking as that statement was at the time, it stuck in my mind. Three years later, my husband, a physicist and electrical engineer, decided to start a part time business selling reverse osmosis water purification equipment. Being a thorough researcher, he found several independent producers of top quality systems, and we were in business.

At first, we only offered home water systems to people in our area. We did little advertising, and it was barely more than a hobby. It was a time to learn more and more about the technical side of the business and to observe the growing need in the world.

The advent of the World Wide Web gave us the opportunity to expand our offerings to the whole world. By 1994 we were on the internet and in 1997 we went full time with We now offer all types of equipment, and we are proud that it is made in the USA or Canada. The USA still leads the world in the design and manufacture of the highest quality water filtration systems.

Our website, , is a place for you to learn about water filtration in great detail. The purpose of this blog is to talk about water-related issues that can’t be discussed there. In the coming weeks and months, I will be discussing environmental, political, and economic issues related to our water supply.

I will also tell you how to prepare yourself for emergencies, how to change filters by yourself, and details about various chemicals and minerals that cause problems in your home water supply.

There will be some news stories, so check back to see if there is water-related news about your community.

Thanks for checking in. Here’s to your health!


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